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Alison Petrie

Alison Petrie is the founder of I Am Woman Global, co-founder of Kunditantra, and has been facilitating tantra and women's embodiment work for over 10 years, including several years as the Sydney based facilitator for Tantric Blossoming.

In addition to a very deep level of tantric training, Alison’s background includes counselling and psychology, energy healing, conscious dance facilitation, yoga, and many forms of meditation.

All this work is integrated into her masterful and creative facilitation of tantric space, where she weaves threads of consciousness and energy, opening and connecting people's hearts and spirits.

Through discovering her feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability, Alison has transitioned from a busy, analytical mind, working in corporate IT, into an embodied experience of her body and heart. She loves to work with women who long for this mind-to-body transition. Alison has a gift for supporting women to restore and embody their feminine nature and reclaim the ability to feel pleasure and joy.


The experience of applying tantric practices and principles in her own relationship gives Alison a powerful perspective of the value of using Tantra to cultivate a rich and harmonious connection. In her work with couples, Alison shares how a tantric approach can rejuvenate intimacy, transform the quality of love making and enrich every aspect of a relationship.

One of Alison's key learnings from her own experience is that tantra is not a path of doing or trying or techniques, but rather a path of relaxing and opening into what is already inside, waiting for permission to rise.

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