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Authentic Relating Circle
Men + Women
How do we connect authentically?

How do we bridge what can seem like a gap between the experiences of men and women?

How do we meet people with our heart and soul, as well as with our body and mind?


Our connection circles for Men & Women are an opportunity to honour and love the sacredness within yourself, discover yourself and learn about yourself, and to connect with and meet others from an authentic space.

In these busy times, where we're often so used to only connecting digitally, this is place to drop into your body, feel your heart and soul, and meet with like minded men and women.

During each evening we'll move through a range of connection activities including conscious communication, movement, eye gazing, and some gentle conscious touch.

Everything will be facilitated in a safe and gentle way, honouring each person where they're at, and helping people be at ease while communicating and connecting with others.

As we connect with others, there's always lots of opportunities to learn about ourselves, and also the possibility for new connections and friendships. And at the end of the evening there'll be an opportunity to hang around and share some snacks in a relaxed atmosphere.

These circles are open to both singles and couples. Couples who attend can choose to stay together for all activities and deepen their connection together, or to mingle with others as well if you choose.


Event Details

Date: Friday July 30th
Time: 7pm-10pm (arrive from 6.45pm)
Venue: The Leela Centre, Darlinghurst

Tickets: $50
Couples Tickets: $90

Booking link coming soon


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