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Tantra & Conscious Intimacy 
For Women

Sunday February 19th, 10am-4.30pm

Many women have an innate knowing that more is possible in sexuality & intimacy than what they’ve experienced so far.

If you’ve ever found yourself thinking or feeling “There must be more than this?!”, then we are happy to say that yes, there is so much more..

So much more joy, pleasure and love awaits as we truly connect with our power & energy within!


Sex can be deeply beautiful, spiritual and loving.

Tantra is the ancient art of divine love, which shows us how our hearts, bodies and spirits are all connected, and how conscious sexuality and intimacy can be nourishing to our soul.

Where society has often seen sex as being limited, shameful or wrong, Tantra allows us to see sex as one of the most beautiful and important parts of our lives, and pleasure as a deeply embodied & spiritual experience we can all connect to


Sex can be an embodiment and sharing of profound love, which fulfils us, heals us and elevates us to higher levels of awareness.

And our sexual energy is deeply connected to our creativity, power, and the flow of life force within our our bodies.

At this one day event for women only, we’ll be breaking down myths of what sex & intimacy should or should not be, introducing Tantric principles and practices you can use in your life, and discovering what’s really possible in the realm of conscious sexuality.


Topics we’ll be exploring include:

  • What really is sex, and what does it mean to our soul?

  • Myths and limiting beliefs about sex & intimacy.

  • The sexual/emotional, body and heart connection

  • Tantric Energy & Spiritual Orgasm

  • The essence of Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Evolving Sex in Conscious Relationship

  • The path of softening and Tantric Empowerment



During the event we'll have some powerful and unfiltered discussion about sex, conscious relationships & intimacy. We'll also do some simple embodied tantric practices and processes to support you to connect more fully to your authentic sexual energy and expression. (Everything will be gentle and fully clothed)

If you've been interested to discover what's really possible in conscious intimacy and sexuality, and curious about Tantra, join us for an enlightening experience!


About The Facilitators

Alison Petrie

Alison is the founder of I Am Woman Global, co-founder Tantric Relating and Kunditantra, and has been facilitating tantra and women's embodiment work for over a decade, including several years as the Sydney based facilitator for Tantric Blossoming.

Through discovering her feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability, Alison has transitioned from a busy, analytical mind, working in corporate IT, into an embodied experience of her body and heart. In addition to a very deep level of tantric training, Alison’s background includes counselling and psychology, energy healing, conscious dance facilitation, yoga, and many forms of meditation.

Alison has worked extensively with women and couples, helping people to connect deeper to their hearts, release blockages in emotions and relationships, and open to deeply fulfilling connection.

Simon Wing-Lun

Simon is Director of The Authentic Living Centre, founder of Unconditional Love Healing, and the Co-Founder of Tantric Relating.

Deeply involved in conscious work for more than a decade, Simon has been professionally healing and teaching since 2009, practicing tantra for more than a decade. He has been facilitating conscious embodiment, sexuality work and Tantra for more than 7 years, working with individuals and couples to deepen love, connection and intimacy.

Simon shares from deeply practised experience in life and relationship, in partnership and marriage, and in commitment to living his own truth and freedom in each moment


Details & Booking

Date & Time: Sunday Feb 19th, 10am-4.30pm

Venue: The Authentic Livine Centre, Darlinghurst

Tickets: Tickets are $155 - Earlybird of $133 available if booked by Thursday Feb 9th,


For Parking we recommend Wilson Parking 70 Riley st, which is about $11 on


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