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Authentic Sexuality
for Women
One Day Workshop
with Lora Radford & Simon Wing-Lun

Sunday April 30th - 10am-5pm

A woman’s sexuality is a beautiful and natural expression of her power.

To experience the true flow of your sexual energy is to feel the essence of your creativity and life force, physically, energetically and spiritually.

Yet sexuality is a part of ourselves where many women experience confusion and difficulty, mainly due to misunderstandings and fears that have been held in human society for generations.

And while some general progress has been made in recent years and decades, the question and path of how to return to this most authentic and natural part of ourselves is still often confusing with so many conflicting ideas out there of what sexuality is and should be.


As a woman returns to her authentic and natural sexuality, she returns to the heart of her power.

And the way to get there is to truly listen to the body and spirit, and to see through the many superficial attitudes, fears and judgements of sex that society has created and instilled in us.


Every woman’s journey is unique depending on the belief systems you were brought up in, and any fear or trauma you took on in your life.

But what is common is the beautiful gift and energy of sexuality each woman holds, that can bring healing and joy to the world as it is allowed to flow in an authentic way.



During this one day workshop Lora and Simon will be introducing the keys through which any woman can heal and reclaim their natural sexual power.

With extensive experience in conscious sexuality, tantra and trauma healing, they bring a depth of wisdom learned in their real life experience.

Topics covered during the day will include:

  • The true spiritual nature of sex

  • Releasing sexual fear, shame, repression and trauma

  • The power and gift of women's sexuality

  • Authentic sexuality vs. superficial sexuality

  • Embracing the power of pleasure

  • The meaning and reason for sexual desire

  • Orgasm as a spiritual experience

  • The heart of masculine and feminine energies

  • Intro to principles of Tantric bodywork

  • Owning your spiritual sexiness


Over the course of the day we’ll share some powerful uncensored discussions of these important topics, and go through several embodied activities of healing and reconnecting with your sexuality.

If you're looking for clarity on how to integrate your sexuality into your path of spiritual growth, how to approach sexuality & healing, and how to understand your natural sexual power then this is the perfect introductory workshop.

For those looking for a deeper journey into these topics Lora and Simon will also be offering a deeper multi-session journey starting in early June.


About the Facilitators

Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, Directors at The Leela Centre, and co-founders of Tantric Relating.

Lora was abducted and sexually abused as a three year old child, which was a profoundly spiritual experience as well as traumatic. This and other experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse led to a fear of intimacy, dislike of her own body, and distrust of others. Her healing journey has included a profound reclaiming of her inner and outer beauty, and the innate power of her sexuality and capacity for intimacy.

Simon experienced a powerful spiritual awakening in his early twenties, which led him on a path of deep healing and exploring the depths of emotions, relationships, the spiritual masculine and feminine, and unconditional self-love. Simon has worked extensively with women healing the effects of sexual abuse and suppression, and is passionate in supporting all people to reconnect with the innate pleasure and joy in being their authentic selves.

Drawn together in love to share their journey, Simon & Lora have together created a life of total freedom and love, where they live their deepest passions and truth everyday.


Workshop Details

Date: Saturday April 30th

Time: 10am-5pm (Arrive from 9.45am for a 10am start)

Venue: The Leela Centre, Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st Darlinghurst

Tickets: $159 online booking only via eventbrite. Earlybird special of $139 available if booked by Thursday April 21st.

Tickets strictly limited so book early to reserve your spot.

Book here via eventbrite:

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