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8 Month Tantra Training
Application Form

If you're interested in joining the Tantric Awakening 8 month training, please fill in the following form to help us ensure it it's the right course for you.

Upon submitting the form we'll then contact you to arrange a short chat over Skype or phone.

We look forward to receiving your application!

What’s the main outcome you would love from this training, and what are you most excited about learning/experiencing in this training?

  • Have you attended any events run by Tantric Connections?

  • Have you attended any other Tantric workshops/events?

  • What other personal/spiritual development courses have you done?

Please List ...

Have you any history of trauma or abuse? - Do you have any mental or physical health conditions that we should be aware of or could be affected by the training in any way?

This will be a deep training in a group setting that can highlight old patterns within you. What do you to support yourself emotionally, physically or spiritually through challenging times and situations?

Do you have any further questions or comments about the training?

Thanks for your application. We will email you shortly to arrange an online chat to complete the process.

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