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Women's Dance with Lora - Clothing Optional

Monthly @The Leela Centre on the first Tuesday each month.

Next event Tuesday March 1st - 6.45pm -9pm

Rarely do we have spaces to be truly free as a woman.

To let whatever moves you, move through you.

To feel pleasure, pain, rage, passion and everything in between.

To be tired, excited, sad, numb or ecstatic.

To let the impulses and energies of the moment be freely expressed through your whole being, your life force liberated to take whatever form feels natural.

Dance Liberation is a space to be free.

To let yourself move and express whatever is called from within your being.

You can lie down and rest and do nothing at all. You can celebrate and dance like a wild woman. The invitation is simply to be you, and discover the depth of feeling, energy and love within you in new ways.

In the spirit of freedom this is a clothing optional space. You can keep everything on, but you also have the freedom be with your body in whatever way feels good to you in the moment.

Everything is welcome. Everything is beautiful. Everything is accepted. Everything is loved.

Come as you are, and just be yourself.

There’s no greater freedom than being you.


The evening begins with a circle, and brief exercise to acknowledge yourself however you are.

From there begins an opportunity to dance and move freely, however you feel. There’s no instructions but to do whatever feels good for you. Other women may inspire you, but the invitation is simply to honour yourself.

The evening completes with a closing circle, honouring ourselves as women and the journey we’ve shared together.


-Event Details-


The Leela Centre, Lvl 2, 113-115 Oxford St Darlinghurst.

Arrive 6.45pm for a 7pm start.

Event finishes at 9.15pm.

Please note: Doors open from 6.30pm and will be locked from 7pm, so ensure you come before to be able to attend.


How Much:

$45 (inc bf) Earlybird

$55 (inc bf) Regular


Bookings via:


-About Lora-

Lora Radford is co-founder of Unconditional Love Healing and Tantric Relating, director at The Leela Centre, and is also a talented channel for higher dimensional energies.

Her journey into her own unfolding liberation as a woman has included a deep path of healing her own experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse, and unsatisfying young adult relationships which had led to fear of intimacy, dislike of her own body, and distrust of others.

Dance, movement and free expression has been a powerful part of her healing journey and she is passionate about providing a space for others to drop into love, connection, and the freedom of this moment, and authentic connection to the energies and emotions within us all.

Through her journey of loving and freeing herself, she has found a great joy and passion for life, loving connection to the feminine and masculine within herself, and she loves to share this freedom and joy with others, so that in time all of humanity can share in it together.

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