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Friday Night

Next Event: Friday November 25th

This an invitation.

To drop into your body, open your heart, and be in a space of authenticity and love.

Friday Night Tantra is a monthly event suitable for both beginners to tantra, and also deeply loving and blissful for those more experienced.

Come have fun, discover yourself, and let yourself be loved for who you are. Simply described, Tantra is connecting the energy of our heart and spirit with our physical bodies.

Through simple practices of movement, breath, presence, communication, energy and touch, we integrate all these parts of ourselves, allowing us both to heal, and drop into states of divine bliss.

Having this connection of our heart and spirit within ourselves can make all the difference in intimacy, relationships, and throughout every moment of life.


In this busy world where so much happens online, a genuine, relaxed meeting of hearts, body and spirit can be rare. But when we create space to experience it - Wow!!

It can happen in a meeting of eyes, in the receiving or speaking of heartfelt appreciation, in a heartfelt embodied hug, a tender gesture or through conscious loving touch.

It can happen in an instant but the effects on our body and soul are long lasting and deeply fulfilling.


About these events

Friday Night Tantra is a safe space to drop into the body, relax the mind, move, laugh, have fun, and connect authentically based on principles founded in tantra.

There won't be any overtly sexual activity, nudity, or anything too weird.

But there will be the magic of meeting people for real in the moment.

We will do a range of activities such as eye-gazing, movement, and some simple touch exercises. You're at choice through the whole evening, and free to choose only to do what's comfortable for you.

Our primary intention is to create a space for people to lovingly discover themselves, connect with others in an honouring way, and to have fun while doing so!

The structure of these events is based around doing activities with different people, although if you come with a partner you can choose to stay with your partner for the deeper activities. For established couples that want to focus on each other, we recommend our other event 'A Tantric Evening for Couples'.


A note on gender & inclusivity

We experience Tantra as a practice and philosophy that is inclusive of all expressions of gender and sexuality. For practical reasons we do take gender balance into account for these particular events so we can offer the most people possible compatible partners for certain practices.

For the second half of the evening the activities will be primarily arranged in pairings of men/women. If you think this format may not suit your preferences but want to experience Tantra, we recommend coming with a partner to our couples event linked above.


Details & booking

Date: Friday October 21st

Time: 7pm-10pm (Arrive from 6.45pm for a 7pm start)

Venue: The Authentic Living Centre - Entry via glass doors on corner of Oxford & Crown st.

Tickets: $60 (strictly limited numbers)

Booking online via eventbrite:

For Parking we recommend Wilson Parking 70 Riley st, which is about $10 for the evening, less if pre-booked.

Refund policy: No refunds, but with 48hrs notice you can credit your booking to a future event.

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