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Lora Radford

Lora Radford is passionate about providing a space for others to drop into love, connection, and this moment, no matter what hurts or pains they have experienced in the past.

Lora's tantric journey began from a desire to heal her own experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse, and unsatisfying young adult relationships which had led to fear of intimacy, dislike of her own body, and distrust of men.

On her journey Lora found that tantric offerings based on strong foundations of love and respect for boundaries were a welcoming and healing space in her life. They allowed her to experience heartfelt connection, intimacy and self love beyond what she had ever previously experienced, and to grow in connection with her own sacred sexuality. 

This continues to be the case in her relationship with Simon, where tantric principles have allowed an expansion of ease and joy in their connection.

Lora is passionate about more and more people coming to tantra and experiencing the pure joy of spiritual connection,
 pleasure, healing, and sexual freedom that is possible on this path.


Lora is co-founder of Unconditional Love Healing, director at The Leela Centre, and is also a talented channel for higher dimensional energies.



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