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Confidence, Power & Authenticity
for Men

Tuesday July 23rd

There are a lot of confusing ideas out there about what Masculinity is.

And there are even more confused ideas of what it means to be a man in relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and all areas of life.

- Am I supposed to take the lead?
- Am I supposed to have a higher purpose?
- Am I supposed to be confident, vulnerable, authentic, sensitive, emotional, or everything all at once?
- Is my authentic sexuality welcome, too much or not enough?
- And how do I actually bring more of who I really am into the life I live?


Many men also sense they have a great power within them that is in some way blocked from feeling fully lived or expressed.

This can show up as a feeling of not bring fully authentic in relationships, career, sexuality or any area of life.

This can be particularly challenging in modern society when there's been a lack of clear modelling of what a healthy, empowered, masculine, sexual man can actually be and is.
Are you meant to be a monk, a yogi, a tantric god, a porn star, an entrepreneur, an alpha male, a sensitive therapist, or all of the above?

The answer of course, is you are meant to be you.

You discover real confidence and power within yourself by learning to love who you really, including your masculine & feminine aspects, and letting yourself be more deeply authentic throughout your life.

What helps immensely with this is gaining clarity on what your authentic masculine expression & power actually is, and releasing the social conditioning and fears you've taken on that hold you back from being the real you.


In this special free workshop we'll be sharing a clear framework of what healthy masculine power actually is.

And we'll be introducing the key steps of how you can release the blocks and fears within you of being your authentic self in relationships, sexuality and life.

Come to this workshop if you’d like to:

- Be more authentic and confident in all areas of life
- Deeply understand what masculine & feminine really is on a spiritual level
- Have clarity on how to be in your authentic & loving masculine power in relationship
- Release fear of speaking your truth and taking the lead
- Understand the importance of your emotions and vulnerability, and how these are a part of your power
- Live your fullest potential as a man, and create a deeply fulfilling life

Everything shared in this workshop is coming from a great depth of lived experience in life, relationship and sexuality.

This is about what works and what it really takes on a deep level of spiritual and practical understanding, rather than just a quick fix.

If you'd like to discover how you can be the most powerful & authentic you, then come.


About the Presenter

Simon Wing-Lun is the founder of Unconditional Love Healing, co-founder of Tantric Connections, and Director of The Leela Centre, Sydney’s first dedicated centre for leading edge conscious & transformational events.

Growing up in Sydney, Simon learned to be afraid of his masculinity and power from his family and social environment. As a result Simon learned to relate to life more from a feminine energy of being receptive and responsive, without being clear or assertive. This had benefits in many ways, but always resulted in feeling unfulfilled in some ways.

Realising what had happened in his early twenties, Simon began a process of embracing and re-developing his masculine capacities as part of a deep spiritual alignment with his truth, purpose and power. This has included deep spiritual study and development, and deep study of Tantra and spiritual sexuality, and embracing leadership in life and relationship.


Details & Booking:

This is a free event, however seats are limited so online registration is essential. Reserve your place online via eventbrite here:

Date: Tuesday July 23rd
Time: 6.45pm-9pm (Arrive from 6.45 for a 7pm start)
Venue: The Leela Centre, Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st Darlinghurst

See you then.

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