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The Heart & Spirit
of Tantra
Free Talk

Thursday October 3rd, 6.45pm-9.00pm




Tantra is an ancient tradition that incorporates all aspects of our being. Our heart, our spirit, our body, our emotions, and our sexuality.


Through tantric practices we can connect with each other on a level that is more than just body to body, but is soul to soul, heart to heart, where the connection of our whole beings can bring us together in great bliss, healing and fulfilment.


Sexuality is an important aspect of Tantra, and the result of tantric practice and development can certainly include more pleasure, fuller orgasms, multi-orgasmic potential for men & women, and the experience of spiritual bliss through sexual union.


However if we focus on the sexual aspect of tantra alone, it always leaves something missing. Because the deepest fulfilment come when we connect with all of who we are. When our heart and our spirit are connected with our sexuality is when we experience true spiritual intimacy and deeply fulfilling connection we yearn for.


In this special free talk we'll be delving into the true heart and spirit of tantra, we'll be sharing how tantra can:


• Help you create a healthy and empowered relationship with your sexuality

• Create deep connection with yourself and others on an emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual level.

• Heal the relationship of your inner masculine & feminine, and develop deeply loving relationships with others.

• Experience sexuality as a deeply spiritual experience, as well as a pleasurable and physical one

• Understand how to release old trauma and pain on an energetic, emotional and physical level

• Live from your embodied power and heartfelt love, rather than from your head, fears, or anxieties




Tantra is far more than just a set of techniques, or a sexual instruction manual. It is truly a process of coming into love with yourself, of healing and aligning within, and bringing all aspects of your being to every moment.


During the evening we'll be introducing how you can experience these benefits of Tantra for yourself, and create a truly loving and spiritual experience in your sexuality and relationships.


Alison, Simon & Lora will each be sharing elements of the benefits of Tantra from their own perspectives, and how the journey has transformed each of their own personal experiences of connection, intimacy and sexuality.






Date: Thursday October 3rd

Time: 6.45 (For a 7pm start) to 9.00pm

Location: The Leela Centre, Level 2, 113-115 Oxford st Darlinghurst (Entry on the Corner of Oxford & Crown st, next to Sandoitchi)


This is a free event, however places are limited, so online booking via eventbrite is essential. Book your tickets here:


We look forward to seeing you then!

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