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Discovering Your Authentic Self as a Man
Purpose, Power
& Spirit

This event will now be held online on July 11th from 10am-4.15pm - with a follow up session Thursday July 15th 7pm-8.30pm.

For Men in lockdown in Sydney, this will be a powerful opportunity to open to new possibilities within yourself, and connect to your authentic power and purpose in new ways.

This immersion will be limited to a maximum of 6 men.


What does it mean to be your authentic self as a man?


In these modern times there are more confused and conflicting ideas than ever about manhood and masculinity, and how to navigate relationships, work & purpose, sexuality, and spiritual growth.

Many men have deep questions such as:


• Am I meant to take the lead and have a purpose?

• Am I meant to be confident, vulnerable, sensitive, in-control, or everything all at once?

• Is my sexual energy and desire welcome, is it too much, or not enough?

• Should I focus on my career, relationship, or on my spiritual and personal development?

• And how can I bring more of my deepest truth into the life I’m actually living?


Many men also sense they have a great power or passion within them that is blocked from being fully lived or expressed.


This can show up as a feeling of not being fully authentic in relationships, in work, in sexuality, and all areas of life.

This is a very common challenge in this society where there’s a lack of clear modelling on what a healthy, masculine, empowered sexual man can actually be, and many people are afraid of being truly authentic.



There is certainly no one right way to a man, or a human in any sense. Every man and person is different.


But there are men who choose to discover and embody their true selves, to release all fear they encounter, and to bring their most authentic selves and the gifts of their heart to the world.


And there are men who are too afraid to even consider doing this, and will happily stay trapped in social conditioning, making sure they fit in rather than stand out until something absolutely forces them to change.

This workshop is for men who are choosing to discover their true selves.

 For men who are choosing to set themselves free to be real, to be purposeful and loving, and to live their deepest power and passions, rather than stay stuck in fear.


In this powerful day of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment, we’ll be going on a deep journey covering how to:

- Discover and live your deepest purpose

- Step into power and confidence

- Understand the role of sexuality and creative energy in your life, and how to use it

- Grow through being real, vulnerable and emotional

- Discover spiritual truth, while staying grounded and practical in the physical world

- Live with true authenticity, and share your deepest passions with the world

The workshop will include deep self-enquiry, powerful embodiment and emotional release practices, meditation, and unfiltered and uncensored discussion about work, sex, spirit, men & women, and the big topics in life that matter.

Expect to be challenged, to release old patterns and conditioning of fear and limitation, to discover new things about yourself, and leave with a deeper sense of understanding and confidence in how to embody your authentic self in the world.

There will also be an opportunity to stay connected and supported with an on-going monthly men's circle. Attendees to this workshop get a 50% discount on attending the first circle in July.


Event Details

Date: Sunday July 11th, 10am-4.15pm - Plus a follow up session

Thursday July 15th, 7pm-8.30pm.

Investment: $155 - Earlybird price of $133 available if booked by Friday July 9th.

Book your ticket here:


Attendees to this workshop get a 50% discount off the Men's Circle on August 3rd. 

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