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Mentoring & Healing
Transform Your Sexuality, Relationships & Intimacy

The Tantric Relating team can support you to heal and transform
your relationships, sexuality & intimacy, and to connect to your natural
power and authentic self as sexual, spiritual and loving human being.

Our work is deeply transformational and not just a band-aid solution.

Some of the areas and issues we commonly work with include:
Healing the effects of trauma and abuse  •  Reconnecting to the body, sensuality & pleasure
Releasing insecurities and anxieties around sex and intimacy  •  Opening up to trust in relationships,
Sexual health for men & women  •  Masculine/feminine connection in relationship,
Emotional & sexual shut down or conflict in relationship • Re-discovering confidence and self-esteem

Each of our team has gifts and expertise in a wide range of areas.
For more info click on the profiles below:


Alison Petrie


Simon Wing-Lun

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