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Simon Wing-Lun

Simon Wing-Lun is the founder of Unconditional Love Healing, Director of The Authentic Living Centre together with his wife Lora, and has been practicing tantra/sacred sexuality from more than a decade.

Simon has been working with both women and men heal sexual trauma since 2009, and brings an approach to Tantra that takes into account the wounding and trauma people often hold in the areas of relationships and sexuality.

In addition to many years of experience in tantra, Simon has deeply worked with divine masculine & feminine dynamics in the lineage of David Deida, Orgasmic Meditation, conscious sexuality, bodywork, conscious dance, and other modern embodiment practices.

Simon is passionate about sharing Tantra as a path to the embodiment of divine, unconditional love, and the basis for truly connecting and relating with others on a soul-to-soul level.

More than just a method for good sex or better relationships, Simon shares tantra as a coming home to the love we truly are, and a way to experience the bliss of spirit and body merging into the wholeness of divine union.


As a facilitator, Simon brings a strong masculine presence and safe holding, simultaneously with delicate sensitivity and awareness to individual needs.

As a practitioner, Simon helps women rebuild trust, safety and openness with the masculine, men to come into their true strength, sensitivity, and vulnerability, and couples to find compassion, harmony and alignment to support each other's growth and unique soul expression.


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