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Spiritual Sexuality
for Women
6 Week Transformational Journey
with Lora Radford & Simon Wing-Lun

Starting Tuesday June 7th, 6.45pm

Sexuality is at the heart of a woman’s power.

The truth of sexuality is that it is beautiful, natural and spiritual, a part of our divine nature and not separate from it.

When we reclaim the true beauty of our authentic sexuality, we reclaim the core of who we are, and our ability to live in a pleasurable flow of life.


For a long time women’s sexuality is something that has been judged and suppressed, which has resulted in a lot of confusion about how to understand and embody sexuality in a truly authentic and spiritual way.

It is our pleasure to be sharing the clarity and experience we have gained over many years in this field, in this powerful 6 week journey into the heart of spiritual sexuality.

This journey is an opportunity to start reclaiming the power of your sexuality as a women. Each week we’ll be sharing tantric wisdom, exercises and activities to support you to:

  • Understand the deeper spiritual nature of your sexual energy and pleasure

  • Discover masculine & feminine from a spiritual perspective

  • Reclaim the deep power of feminine sexuality

  • Embrace the authentic sexiness of your body

  • Open to new possibilities of breath, energy and orgasm

  • Gain clarity in how to navigate sexual relationships

  • Embrace self-pleasure as a sacred spiritual practice

  • Live an empowered sexual life


What’s Included:

The journey includes 6 weekly group in person sessions with teachings and practical exercises, PLUS two 1 on 1 transformation/healing sessions with Lora and Simon.


These 1 on 1 sessions are an important and powerful part of this journey to give you the opportunity to heal and clear any key blocks or patterns that surface during the group sessions.

Group sessions will be held in person at The Authentic Living Centre, in Darlinghurst. 1 on 1 sessions can be done either in person or via Zoom.

We’ll also create a private Facebook group, as a safe space to share for participants during the journey, and to share additional resources on the topics.


Running weekly from Tuesday June 7th through to July 12th, 6.45-9.15pm each week, the structure of the 6 weekly sessions will be on the following topics:

• Week 1 - Spiritual Dimensions of Sex - Masculine & Feminine and the Power of Pleasure


In the first week, we’ll be sharing powerful transmissions on the spiritual nature of sex, the deeper nature of masculine & feminine sexuality, and the importance of owning and valuing your pleasure. We’ll do a powerful process for reconnecting to our sexual/life-force energy.


• Week 2 - The Body as a Sexual Vessel

Every body is sexy and perfect. Our body is our own perfect embodiment of feminine being, and our own perfect doorway to deeper pleasure and spiritual expansion. This week we’ll be learning to love our body on a deeper level, which allows us to relax deeper into its power and potential, and to celebrate its unique gifts and expression.


• Week 3 - Breath, Tantra and Energy Orgasms


In week three we’ll be exploring our bodies spiritual capacity for pleasure and awakening through breath, sound and attunement to energy. Offering insights, breathing techniques, and tools to support our body to relax and expand into its full potential - allowing orgasmic energy to flow and move on multiple levels.

• Week 4 - Spiritual Sexual Relationships


How do sexual relationships serve our spiritual path? How do we align ourselves with sexual relationships that are nourishing and honouring of who we are on all levels of our being. In the fourth week we’ll focus on the keys to creating and opening to the best possible experience in intimate relationship.



• Week 5 - Sacred Self Pleasure (with Lora)


This evening is an invitation to build a practice of self pleasure in your own life, exploring self pleasure as a practice for connecting more deeply to ourselves and to the life force energy moving through us. Self pleasure is a tool for relaxing into our physical embodiment and our deeper spiritual power as human beings, and also to show us where we may be holding pain or misalignment in our bodies. This will be a fun, relaxed session, with just women present in the room for the self pleasure part of the evening.


• Week 6 - Embodying Your Unique Sexual Power & Path

Every woman is unique. Every woman is powerful. Every woman is sexy. The final week is an opportunity to integrate the transformations and lessons of the journey, and gain clarity on how to move ahead with your sexual embodiment in the way that is most authentic and true to you. A celebration of your unique embodiment and journey, and your freedom to live from your spiritual sexual essence.



Booking Your Spot

The journey runs for 6 weeks, from 6.45pm-9.15pm, Tuesdays June 7th - July 12th.

The investment for the journey is $999, and is strictly limited to a maximum of 8 women.


It’s suitable for any woman who wants to connect more deeply with their authentic sexuality.

Please be aware this is a deeply transformational journey, the processes may bring up old patterns and trauma that need to be dealt with. While the included 1 on 1 sessions will support this, please inform us if you have any mental health conditions or significant sexual trauma you are aware of, so we can ensure that this journey is the right step for you at this time.

To book your spot please, or if you have any questions about this journey, please contact us directly at, or


We take bookings and payment directly via EFT or credit card.


About the Facilitators

Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, Directors at The Leela Centre, and co-founders of Tantric Relating.

Lora was abducted and sexually abused as a three year old child, which was a profoundly spiritual experience as well as traumatic. This and other experiences of childhood sexual and physical abuse led to a fear of intimacy, dislike of her own body, and distrust of others. Her healing journey has included a profound reclaiming of her inner and outer beauty, and the innate power of her sexuality and capacity for intimacy.

Simon experienced a powerful spiritual awakening in his early twenties, which led him on a path of deep healing and exploring the depths of emotions, relationships, the spiritual masculine and feminine, and unconditional self-love. Simon has worked extensively with women healing the effects of sexual abuse and suppression, and is passionate in supporting all people to reconnect with the innate pleasure and joy in being their authentic selves.

Drawn together in love to share their journey, Simon & Lora have together created a life of total freedom and love, where they live their deepest passions and truth everyday.

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