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Introduction To Tantra
For Couples
One Day Workshop
with Simon Wing-Lun & Alison Petrie

Next workshop: Sunday May 29th - 10am-5.15pm

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition and practice which connects us more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and life itself. 

In modern society, Tantra has become well known as an integration of spirituality and sexuality, but it is really about far more than just sex.

It is about honouring the life force and energy within ourselves and each other, and living in a way that is deeply connected to our hearts, to our bodies, and the spiritual nature of life.

For couples Tantric understanding and practice can be an opportunity to deepen connection and intimacy, to open up new realms of sexual possibility, and to relate and support each other on a spiritual level as well as the physical.



This workshop is the perfect introduction for couples interested in Tantra.

Over the day we’ll introduce key Tantric practices and principles you can use in your relationship and intimacy, as well as giving a brief explanation and history of what tantra really is.

Benefits of tantric practice for couples includes:

  • Deepening Intimacy and Connection

  • Expanding capacity and possibility for pleasure and ecstasy

  • Feeling more honoured and respected for who you are

  • Becoming aware of the energetic dynamic of sexuality

  • Understanding the flow of Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Making communication and expression easier

  • Letting go of hang ups and limiting stories

  • Developing a true sense of spiritual connection in sexuality and relationship


The workshop is highly experiential and practical, with enough foundational teaching to put everything in context.

It is suitable for couples and intimate partners interested in Tantra of all genders and sexual orientations.

There is no nudity or explicit sexual touch in this workshop.

Topics we will cover include:

What is Tantra? - From Ancient Tradition to the Modern World

  • Connecting with the Soul and Spirit

  • Conventional sex vs a tantric approach

  • The tantric journey for couples

  • Presence, breath and connection

  • Tantric Touch & The Energy of Sexuality

  • Triggers and Loving Communication

  • Tantric Union and Sexual Intercourse


If you have no experience with Tantra this is a perfect place to start, and will also be a beautiful opportunity for more experienced couples to refresh and deepen their connection.

You will take home a practices and wisdom you can use in your relationship, and have a clearer idea of what’s possible in the realm of spiritual sexuality.

The workshop is facilitated by the experienced team of Simon Wing-Lun and Alison Petrie each with more than a decade of experience, putting tantra into practice in life and relationship.

Places are strictly limited, so book early to reserve your place. 


Workshop Info:

Date: Sunday May 29th, 2022

Time: 10am - 5.15pm (arrive from 9.45am for a 10am start)

Venue: The Leela Centre

Booking: Tickets are $485 per couple

Booking via eventbrite:

Refund policy: We do not offer refunds due to their only being limited places in the room, but can credit bookings to a future workshop if given 24hrs notice prior to the event.


About the Facilitators:

Simon Wing-Lun

Simon is Director of The Leela Centre, founder of Unconditional Love Healing, and the and Co-Founder of Tantric Relating.

Deeply involved in conscious work for more than a decade, Simon has been professionally healing and teaching since 2009, practicing tantra for more than a decade, and facilitating conscious embodiment, sexuality work, and Tantra for more than 6 years, working with individuals and couples to deepen love, connection and intimacy.

Simon shares from deeply practised experience in life and relationship, in partnership and marriage, and in commitment to living his own truth and freedom in each moment

Alison Petrie

Alison is the founder of I Am Woman Global, co-founder Tantric-Relating and Kunditantra, and has been facilitating tantra and women's embodiment work for over a decade, including several years as the Sydney based facilitator for Tantric Blossoming.

Through discovering her feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability, Alison has transitioned from a busy, analytical mind, working in corporate IT, into an embodied experience of her body and heart. In addition to a very deep level of tantric training, Alison’s background includes counselling and psychology, energy healing, conscious dance facilitation, yoga, and many forms of meditation.

Alison has worked extensively with women and couples, helping people to connect deeper to their hearts, release blockages in emotions and relationships, and open to deeply fulfilling connection.

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