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Tantra for

With Alison Petrie

Sunday January 19th, 10.30am-4.45pm

When women gather magic happens ...


This is a chance to gather as women in a safe space to discover Tantra as a path back to your body, your natural sexuality and feminine essence.


For Women, Tantra is not so much a path of doing or trying or techniques, but a path of relaxing and opening into what is already inside waiting for permission to rise.


Through Tantra we can open to experience our sexuality as a truly blissful, spiritual, and sacred experience that honours our whole being, where all of who we are can come alive as radiant light and love shining from within.




Many women have not fully met or felt their authentic sexual selves. We feel our sexual stirrings at a young age and if we were allowed we would flourish and ripen naturally but so often we are shut down by family, peer pressure, societal or cultural norms, religious moral overtones, trauma, internalised shame or inexperienced partners.


Tantra offers us a path of unlearning and peeling away the layers of conditioning we've taken on, and opening up to our sexuality as part of experiencing love and spirit flowing through our whole being.


From this place embracing the true divinity of our femininity and sexuality, we can open to truly healthy relationships with the masculine in ourselves and in others.


The essentials of Tantric practice teach us as women to slow down, open up and soften into our bodies. Through the power of breath, movement, dance, sound and relaxing into our sexual energy, we can open to new levels of pleasure, sensation and aliveness.


We often feel we have to wait for a partner to explore our sexuality, but this is actually not the case!


Tantra shows us that our sexuality and our sexual energy is our own and we have full permission to feel, to heal and to enjoy our sexual selves.




There are some foundational differences between what has been a mainstream approach to sexuality, and a whole being tantric approach:


Where many women have learned in different ways that:


• Sexuality is all about genitals and physical touch

• Sex is a performance,

• You have to orgasm to please your partner and you feel pressured

• Lack of sexual desire, or too much sexual desire is something to be ashamed of


Tantra teaches us to understand and experience that


• Sexuality is about connecting our whole beings

• Every woman can be orgasmic

• Subtle connection can be just important or more important than primal physicality

• Sexuality is a union of Masculine/Feminine, Yang/Yin within others and ourselves.

• There is a lot more to our breasts and yonis than we were ever taught

• Sex is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about, and can be beautiful and natural part of a full spiritual life





In our time together you will be guided through Tantric breath & energy practices, meditation, dance, sharing and some simple touch, and learning foundational tantric principles supporting you to


• Give yourself permission to feel more of yourself


• Understand your sexual potential as a woman


• Open your energy channels to the flow of sexual energy


• Deeply relax into your body and listen to her innate wisdom


• Understand your sexual potential as a woman


• Reclaim your body and your sexuality as a rich gift and source of pleasure




All that is being shared is coming from a great depth of lived experiences of what actually works in different stages of life as a woman.


If you would like to discover how tantra can help you deepen and enliven your relationship with your body and sexuality, and allow your spirituality to become a truly fully body experience, join us for this beautiful and powerful workshop.






When: Sunday January 19th, 10.30am-4.45pm

Where: The Leela Centre

Level 2/113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, NSW


Cost: $135





Your Facilitator:




Alison Petrie is the founder of I Am Woman Global, co-founder Tantric-Connections and Kunditantra, and has been facilitating tantra and women's embodiment work for over 8 years, including several years as the Sydney based facilitator for Tantric Blossoming.


Through discovering her feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability, Alison has transitioned from a busy, analytical mind, working in corporate IT, into an embodied experience of her body and heart. In addition to a very deep level of tantric training, Alison’s background includes counselling and psychology, energy healing, conscious dance facilitation, yoga, and many forms of meditation.


Alison has worked extensively with women who long for this mind-to-body transition, supporting them to restore and embody their feminine nature, reclaim the ability to feel pleasure and joy, and open to deeper intimacy and connection in relationship.


One of Alison's key insights in this field is that the best result and transformations come not from trying harder to be something, but rather from a path of relaxing and opening into what is already inside, waiting for permission to rise.


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