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Work with Alison
Transform Your Sexuality, Relationships & Intimacy

Over the last 10 years Alison has helped people uncover and express more of their authentic selves and have more deeply fulfilling connections with others, authentic sexual expression and heartfelt intimacy. 


Having worked in the corporate world for many years as an IT consultant, she has an understanding of the stress and demands of our modern busy world and how it can impact people's ability to relax fully into themselves and have quality time and space for relationships and intimacy.

Alison's speciality is working with women and couples and she has a gift for taking people beyond theory and into an embodied and tangible experience of Tantra.



She has taken the journey out of the busy, analytical mind into the body and heart and discovering her feminine gifts of intuition, softness and vulnerability. She now loves to work with women who are wishing to do the same. Alison has a gift for supporting women to restore and embody their feminine side,  and reclaim their ability to feel pleasure and joy. 


Having explored Tantra initially in the context of a long term relationship, she also enjoys working with couples to share with them how a Tantric approach can change their relationship and lovemaking by taking the pressure off and learning new ways of being together that enrich every aspect of relationship. 

Alison has a background in Counselling and Psychology and has also extensively studied energy healing modalities and yoga, and taught meditation for many years. In her current Tantric work she draws on all these tools and learnings.

Alison has a special gift for tantric bodywork, which helps to relax the whole nervous system, allowing for expression of repressed emotions and providing access to your own unique, vibrant sexual energy.

Our bodies hold our memories, our beliefs and our fears. Sometimes we feel we may have worked out an issue in our minds or through therapy but often the body continues to store the imprints of previous experiences. This shows up as unconscious contractions which can inhibit the free flow of our natural vitality, sexuality and pleasure.


Some of the benefits for women from working with Alison include

  • Healing from trauma and pain around sexuality, relationships and intimacy

  • Rewriting the stories around relationships and body Image 

  • Reconnection with your deeper essence

  • Reclaiming your ability to feel pleasure

  • Opening to more sensation and greater freedom in your body, including your orgasmic nature

  • Understanding and empowering your desires



Contact Alison

To enquire about working 1 on 1 with Alison, or to book a complimentary 20 minute discover conversation, please contact her via the form below:


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