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Work with Lora
Transform Your Sexuality, Relationships & Intimacy
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Lora offers private sessions for women and men. With a background in psychology, transpersonal counselling, shamanic healing, Unconditional Love Healing, and Tantric practice, Lora provides a unique space of depth and love to help her clients create profound healing and transformation.

Emotional Healing Sessions with Lora 


Lora offers private one-on-one healing sessions for men and women. Lora is passionate about providing an unconditionally loving space in which any emotions, pain, and blocks in the body can emerge to be gently loved and released.


Lora loves working with clients with a whole range of presenting issues, including but not limited to: past sexual abuse and trauma, relationship issues, self & body worth issues, and developing a relationship with your own sexuality.


Lora finds that one-on-one healing can really support you to nourish, nurture, heal, and release what is no longer need, complimenting experiences in workshops and events and supporting individuals to easily continue their journey into ever more love and bliss <3 <3


Lora's approach predominantly calls on the Unconditional Love Healing method which works with emotions and beliefs held in the body, and she is also able to draw on a range of other modalities to compliment this where appropriate. Lora's sessions do not include bodywork or physical touch.


For more information about the Unconditional Love Healing method please visit 

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