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Work with Simon
Transform Your Sexuality, Relationships & Intimacy

Simon offers mentoring & healing for men, women and couples in the areas of:

  • Relationships & Emotions

  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Sexual Connection and Intimacy

  • Masculine Embodiment

Drawing on more than 12 years experience in deep healing work, including extensive work in sexual trauma, conscious relationship, and masculine embodiment, Simon brings a deeply loving approach to transformation and healing

For Men


Simon supports men to grow into their full potential as a man, owing their masculine power, clarity and sexuality, and connecting with their authentic heart, emotions and intuition. Specific areas Simon supports men with include:

  • Owning and embodying their Masculine power/clarity

  • Transforming and healing relationship patterns

  • Connecting with their heart and emotions

  • Sexual health and energy management

  • Releasing insecurity, shame and guilt

  • Living from their authentic truth and passions


For Women

Simon has over a decade of experience supporting women to heal sexual trauma and pain, and to open up and trust and connect with men again in a safe and empowered way. In his work Simon often supports women to come into their power with the men in their lives, to rediscover their true worthiness and inner beauty, and release fears of being truly themselves.

This can include:


  • Healing core unworthiness & relationship patterns

  • Rediscovering trust in themselves, and being able to trust men with loving integrity

  • Releasing trauma of past break-ups and relationships

  • Healing the effects of abuse & trauma in sexuality and relationships

  • Healing patterns with men relating to their father

  • Releasing shame, self-judgment and fear around
    sexuality, intimacy & relationships



3 session programs start at $888.

For more information, or to book a complimentary 20 minute discovery conversation, you can contact Simon via the form below:

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