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8 Month Tantra Training
April - November 2020

Tantra is whole body spirituality, the path of integrating all of who you are into the fullest expression of you.


Tantric Awakening 8 Month Training is transformational journey of awakening your sexuality, your heart, body and spirit, so you can be fully yourself in the journey of life.


Join us for this powerful journey if now is the time to:


- Awaken your sexual energies and true potential.


- Awaken your heart to love and intimacy.


- Awaken your spirit and the fire of divine passion within you.


- Awaken your body to sensuality and pleasure.


- Awaken the divine masculine & feminine within you, and step into being all of who you are.




Spirituality is not truly complete if sexuality is not included.


And sexuality and relationships can feel disconnected or hollow if we are not allowing our spirits and souls to connect.


Through tantra we allow every aspect of our being to connect within our own selves, discovering our inner radiance and authentic embodied power, so we can then live life and connect with others in a deeply fulfilling way.


Tantric Awakening is a journey of reconnection within yourself, to your sexuality & spirit, heart & body, light & dark, masculine & feminine, so you can be the fullest version of you in all connections and in every moment.




During the training you will:


● Discover the power of your sexual potential, and learn to expand and work with your sexual energy in a loving way through tantric practice


● Align your body, heart & spirit for more deeply fulfilling relationships, and discover what healthy, loving and connected relationships truly and can be


● Connect with your natural masculine & feminine energies and embodiment, releasing fear and false masks that have held back your authentic self


● Expand your capacity for true intimacy, sensuality and pleasure, opening your body to greater love, nourishment and bliss


● Release old trauma, wounds, and patterns from the past that have affected your relationships and sexuality


● Open to divine inner radiance, the freedom to be yourself in relationships and sexuality, and unconditional self-love for all of who you are.




Not all Tantra is the same. Some modern interpretations have lost the true spiritual connections and integration that was the main intention of the ancient Traditions.


Our approach at Tantric Connections is transmitting what we feel is the true heart and spirit of tantra as an awakening of the whole being, in a modernised approach that we've found most effective and nourishing for ourselves.


Tantric development takes time, and this training is for those who wish to truly embrace their full potential and sexual, loving & spiritual human being.


Integrity and safety are of the utmost importance of us, and it is our passion to provide a truly safe and supported space for people to heal, grow and develop into their fullest selves.




This training includes more than 15 full days of face-to-face time, plus additional online meetings and support, 1 on 1 time with every participant and much more.


The format and training dates are:


● Opening 3-Day Immersion - April 3rd-5th ( All day Fri/Sat/Sun)


● Weekend Immersion 1: May 8th-10th (Fri-Night/Sat/Sun)


● Weekend Immersion 2: July 3rd-5th (Fri-Night/Sat/Sun)


● Weekend Immersion 3: August 21st -23rd (Fri-Night/Sat/Sun)


● Fully Catered 4-Day Residential Retreat: October 23rd-27th (Friday-Night/Sat/Sun/Mon/Tuesday)


● Final Celebration: November 20th-21st (Fri-Night/Sat)


Additionally there will be 4 online conference meetings following each immersion, running 7pm-9.30pm on Mondays April 20th, June 1st, August 3rd, September 21st. These are an opportunity to check in and integrate the the experiences of each immersion, in addition to the private training facebook group.


The training includes four 1-on-1 healing healing and bodywork sessions with the team to support your individual transformation and healing through the training.




Modules we will cover through the immersions and retreat include:


● Embodiment, Body Awareness, Body Sovereignty

● Sexual Energy, Subtle Anatomy, Energy Systems

● Whole Being Relating

● Divine Masculine & Feminine Archetypes

● Pleasure, Passion, & Potential

● Healing into Freedom

● Integrating Shadow and Light

● Surrendering to the Divine

● Tantra for Life




The Tantric Connections team each bring a wealth of experience and different perspectives of the path together to provide a deep and holistic approach to the training.


Alison Petrie


Alison has been practicing and teaching Tantra for more than 10 years. Originally working in the corporate world in IT, she found herself seemingly stuck in a 'masculine' mode of logic and thinking, and disconnected from her body and full capacity for sexual connection and pleasure. After following a spiritual path including yoga, meditation, counselling, dance and psychology, Alison discovered through Tantra just how much spiritual and sexual power remains untapped for many women, and how our connections with others and with life can open to whole other dimensions of bliss, love and pleasure. For the last decade Alison has worked extensively with both women and couples to heal old wounds and energy blocks, re-connect to their heart and their authentic selves, and expand passion and pleasure in sexuality and in life.




Simon Wing-Lun


After a period of rapid spiritual awakening and healing in his early twenties, Simon became interested in Tantra and the spiritual dimensions of sex in 2011, which led to a deep exploration of many aspects of tantra and conscious sexuality. Through Tantra it became clear to Simon how limited the paradigm of sexual education and pornographic influence he received growing up was, and how the spiritual dimensions of sexuality opened up whole new possibilities of connection. Through his healing and Tantra work Simon helps people to come into truly loving alignment within themselves sexually, spiritually and emotionally, including supporting men to connect with both their masculine power and authentic sensitivity, and supporting women to heal from trauma and rediscover trust and safety in their relationships with men.




Lora Radford


After experiencing sexual abuse and trauma as a child, Lora had a difficult time with sexuality and relationships as an adult without a clear framework or understanding of how to deal with what had happened to her. Lora was originally introduced to tantra through her relationship with Simon, and it has helped her to re-discover how beautiful, liberating, safe and intimate sexuality can be. It has opened up Lora's relationship to, and love for, her own sexuality, and allowed her to experience sexual relationship as a true honouring of the moment, and an opportunity for great healing, release, and transformation. Lora has also found that tantra has allowed her to soften more deeply into herself - both her capacity to set boundaries and speak her truth, and also her ability to relax into her femininity and flow, trusting that her beingness is enough and that her feminine beauty is a safe and valid place to be. Lora is passionate about offering a space where others can heal, drop further into the true power and love of their own beingness, and realise the amazing potential of sexual intimacy with themselves and others.


This combination of 3 facilitators provides a powerful holding for all participants to receive the guidance and support they need for any aspect of the tantric development journey.






$7177 - Payment plan ( $1400 Deposit + 8 monthly payments)


$6717 - Upfront payment (Deposit + full payment by February 4th)


A super earlybird special of $500 off either rate is available for those who book before December 30th, 2019. A regular earlybird rate of $300 off either rate is available for booking before February 4th, 2020.






Participation in the training is by application. No previous experience in tantra is necessarily required for the training, however you need to be able and ready to be self-responsible and aware in this level of personal development journey.


We also want to ensure this training will be the right fit for you at this time. If you are interested in this training and have any questions, feel free to contact us.


To apply now click the button below







Q: Will I have to anything I'm not comfortable doing?

A: You will not be asked to do anything that you do not want to do. However, we may support you to unpack the layers around your choices so that your ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ can come from an authentic place of freedom, rather than fear or habit.


Q: What will actually happen on the Immersions?

A: Each Immersion and module will include some theory, and lots of experiential tantric practices incorporating energy, breath, movement, communication & awareness. For some practices will men and women will be separated, and some will be together.


Q: What if I’m not in a relationship?

A: You don’t have to have a partner to explore Tantra. It is the perfect opportunity to get clear for yourself so that you can approach relationship and sexuality in a way that is deeply

nourishing and true for you.


Q: What if I am in a relationship ?

A: All practices are optional and for the purposes of bringing you more capacity to love and honour your current or future partners. It is encouraged that you communicate with your partner around boundaries and agreements so that you both feel comfortable. If you join with your partner you both need to be aware that this work may bring to the surface issues that you will both need to work with.


Q: Will there be nudity?

A: The vast majority of the training will be fully clothed. At some point later in the training there may optional nudity for teaching and healing purposes.


Q: Is this a practitioner training ?

A: No. This is a Personal Development journey for you to deeply embody the work for your own life. It is a valuable Prerequisite to any practitioner training as we must embody what we teach and have worked through our material in order to effectively and safely hold others in this powerful work.


Q: Do you have Payment Plans ?

A: Yes. We require a deposit and then you can pay the training off over 8 monthly payments. Payment must be complete before the end of the training.

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