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Tantric Coaching, Mentoring
& Counselling For Couples
  • Deepen your Connection and Love

  • Discover new Dimensions of Intimacy and Sexuality

  • Dissolve Blocks and Tension, Enhance Communication,
    and Gain Clarity in Your Relationship


Being in an intimate connection with another can be a beautiful sharing of love. It can also be challenging to maintain and deepen connection individuals and circumstances evolve and change within relationship.


Tantric wisdom and practice offers powerful solutions for couples to resolve the challenges that come up in relationships and sexuality, and to deepen your connection, intimacy, pleasure love.

We offer guidance, mentoring and counselling for couples in all stages of relationship, coming from a place of deep experience with what really works in a conscious relationship.

Beyond just looking at psychological patterns as you would in psychology, we also address things deeper on an emotional, energetic and spiritual level.


Some of the challenges we can assist with include:

  • Deepening intimacy, sexual connection and pleasure

  • Creating greater easer in communication and dealing with triggers

  • Working with sexual trauma and pain in a couples dynamic

  • Reigniting passion and polarity

  • Opening to the spiritual dimension of sexuality and love making

  • Finding clarity in crisis or evolving relationship dynamics


Our programs consist of a minimum of 3 sessions working either via Zoom/Video or in person in Sydney when available, and start at $1200.

Every couple and every relationship is different, and we can suggest a mentoring and healing program to fit your specific situation.

Programs are with Alison or Simon, or potentially both of us if suitable for deeper work.

We offer complimentary 20 minute conversations to discuss your situation and suggest a program that suits your needs.


The initial chat will be with either Alison or Simon depending on availability, please feel free to specify if you have a preference of who you feel drawn to talk to.

To book a conversation, or for any enquiries, contact us via the form below:


Thanks! Message sent.

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