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What is Tantra?
Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition, and practice which connects us more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and life itself. It's origins go back at least one thousand years in both Buddhism and Hinduism, but it contains a universal language of spiritual love and connection.

In modern society Tantra has become well known as an integration of spirituality and sexuality, but it is really about far more than just sex.

It is about honouring the life force and energy within ourselves and each other, and living in a way that is deeply connect to our hearts, to our bodies, and the spiritual nature of life.

From our perspective Tantra is for everyone, regardless of background, gender or sexual orientation. If you are open to feel love deeply, and feel bliss of your soul and spirit, Tantra can be a journey deep into the heart of love itself.


Benefits of a Tantric approach to sexuality, relationships & life:

  • Reconnect to your body, heart, and authentic sexuality

  • Open to deeper intimacy in relationship

  • Unblock your life force energy

  • Heal old wounds around sexuality and intimacy

  • Expand your potential for bliss and pleasure

  • Experience the deeply spiritual nature of sex and all life

  • Become more confident, authentic, and present in your body

Because tantra is such a holistic path of spiritual and personal development, the benefits are deep and wide reaching.

Yes, you can have deeper, more fulfilling, and more connected sex.


Yes, you will learn to more fully express and know yourself and your own energy.

But most importantly, a full understanding of tantra empowers you to understand how your own life-force, energy, emotions, beliefs, and masculine & feminine aspects work together, and how they can integrate into a single spiritual path.

Tantra teaches you to find how love wants to move through you in this moment, and bring fulfilment and healing to all aspects of your life and relationships.


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